The First Rule of Blogging

The point of blogging is to make money. This is usually done in the form of ads or affiliate links promoting products the blogger uses or can get paid to convince others to use. This is called monetization.  It works like this:  The blogger tells his, her, or whatever the proper pronoun is these days, experience with the said product. For example, in the last blog I wrote about how I saved money eating at a fast food restaurant by bringing my own fast food—blueberries and cottage cheese. I needed to use a couple of products to do this.. 

  1. A blue ice pack
  2. A thermally isolated  lunch bag.
  3.  A glass Pyrex dish, although you can use whatever dish you have.  I just happened to have one of these clean

Step 2: Get approved by Amazon to get a small commission on each sell you direct to the site.  carefully interrupt your blog with spam all over your blog post by creating hyperlinks that, when clicked, take the reader to another website where they can by these products.
If you don’t sell something or get kicked off the referral service.  This gives you an incentive to only recommend the things you sell. 

Step 4:  If the customer decides to buy this product within say, the next thirty days, then this cookie tells the corporation to provide a little commission for the blogger.  I don’t want to convince people to purchase things.  It’s not that I am against things, it’s just that if the point of this blog is to avoid things you don’t need.  I’ll tell you some things I need.

The thing is, I did not get my thermally insulated lunch pack on the Interwebs. I bought mine for $2.99 at a store that is named after the last two decimal places of their products.  I happened to forget that lunch pack at work last week so I borrowed my sons thermally insulated lunch bag that my wife bought at the Goodwill. I’m not sure how much it was, but probably less than the shipping you would pay online.  Hopefully, there’s some value in that.

You can buy ice packs on the Internet or you can just get one for free.  You probably know someone who spends $60 a week to get a few meals of cook it yourself groceries a box.  I’m not saying these things are not valuable.  They save a lot of time and take a lot of the guess work out of things.  But these people probably have a lot of ice packs they don’t need. I found this one on the ground the other day.  Price: $0.00.

I found this on the ground, but you can get these things for free if you just ask around

I’m starting to stop thinking like a consumer giving in to the consumer compulsion.  Our televisions and smart phones have programed us to think needing can only be fulfilled by buying.  It takes a little bit of deprograming to break free from this trap.  Of course, there a lot of things that you do need to buy.  It just takes a little outside of the do-it-yourself home meal delivery box thinking.

 Re-use and Recycle and sometimes re-use by picking up what would otherwise be trash.

The only way I can think of to get money to help pay for this site and the costs of promoting it is to ask for tips  similar to the way a street performer would. Consider these lightning tips similar to a busking hat where people place dollar bills and coins into the hat after viewing the performance. I suppose I might have a few ads in the future, but I want to try and use ads that don’t require cookies. Let me know if you have any ideas.

Thanks for reading.

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