Optimal Minimalism

Optimal Minimalism

It’s been almost a year since I started this blog and I have figured out that I have to change my focus just a bit. My goal was to create a blog about bitcoin, financial independence and minimalism. I still want to do that, but in April, part of my plan changed. I didn’t know how I was going to re-work the third part of that equation, until now.

I enjoyed fine Southern Hospitality at a place called the Peanut man. My son is allergic to peanuts, meaning they make him vomit like that girl in The Exorcist so we usually avoid places that advertise peanuts like the hamburger place with a x number of guys. (X = 5). Anyway, Mr. Peanut Man is a friendly bald fellow who has specialized in something called boiled peanuts. The Peanut man gave me a small amount of free peanuts and they were delicious! I can’t believe how good these peanuts were. It’s like you get all of the flavor of the salty shell inside the nut. Who doesn’t love soft, salty nuts?

Last month, I traveled to South Carolina to see my daughter’s Army Basic Training Graduation. I’m glad I went and My daughter looked spiffy in her outfit. TK graduation Pic

I had a nice time hanging out with my daughter. The ceremony was beautiful and I liked how they explained that the US was actually a country based on an idea rather than a homeland, religion, or creed.

We ate at Buffalo Wild Wings which is her favorite place, although we couldn’t drink any adult beverages because she was in uniform. I also met her battle buddy who is the daughter of a very frugal accountant. She was impressed with some of my money saving tips. We took some pictures, caught up on all of their adventures, and walked around a Whole foods store and make up place of some sort. I think it was Ulta, but I’m not an expert at these things.

I also hung out with my ex-wife and her husband and I actually had a nice time They even gave me a ride back to my motel so I saved some satoshis on ridesharing. Here are my souvenirs.

Then, when I got to my hotel, I ran my laptop up and played a bunch of sit n go tournaments I ran really well, doubling my 500,000 Satoshi balance and remembered how much I loved playing poker.

I read vagabounding and romanticised long term world travel. It’s a great book and it gave me all sorts of ideas about how to designhn my life. I decided I want to play more poker when I get back home.

So I played after work a lot. It got to be to where my wife said she wanted me to stop because it was taking up too much time. I was winning a little bit of money, but I decided it wasn’t like how I was in my twenties and I could just pay five or six hours a day and expect to fulfill my duties as a husband and father. In economics terminology, this is called a trade-off. The trade off is time away from my family, writing a new blog post, or learning something new.

Then I thought… wait a minute…I think I know what my blog should be about.

It occurred to me that I read the Vagabonding book because Tim Ferris recommended it in the 4 Hour workweek. I do my meal prepping once a month or less, spending about 4 hours. This is something I learned in the Four Hour Chef. It didn’t even occur to me that I actually spent 4 hours a month on making dinner during the weekdays.

I work an average of 20 hours a week and take off one to two months off every five months or so. I also flew to South Carolina for free via travel hacking. The entire trip, including food, Uber, and airfare cost me less than three million satoshis, (less than 300 bucks) I’ve gone almost completely paperless and I got rid of everything I don’t use and I invest in the assets that have given me the greatest return, volatility be damned. Pro tip: eat lunch at Costco across the street and pick up a salad for dinner.

I have fully embraced the lifestyle of Optimal Minimalism. This doesn’t mean that I live like a monk. It just means that I only focus on the things that bring b value to my life and I ruthlessly cut everything else out. I go through my automated budgeting system and decide what 20 % of purchase am I making that I don’t use. This month, I decided to pause Treehouse and eliminate Audible, at least temporarily. I also eliminated at least 90% of my wardrobe a couple of years back. The point is to look at every single thing in your life. The goal is to only keep 20% of the most important things in life. Is your 2 hour commute everything you always dreamed of? If it is, congratulations… but I suspect that most people f-ing hate their commute.

This blog is about the direction my optimally minimalist choices take me. It’s about my rapid learning experiments and how I will apply them. That’s the minimal structure. Sometimes, while using the optimal minimalism technique, I find that a project doesn’t pass the 80/20 analysis, I drop the project like an itchy pair of underwear that I never use. Sometimes, I continue learning the project to completion. Next week I am setting up a Bitcoin Lightning Node. I will write about it and maybe even do a video about how I put this project together.
Thanks for reading.

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