My Bitcoin Journey

I started this blog a couple years ago because I wanted to write about the Intersection of minimalism and bitcoin. I was influenced by the minimalists and Mr. Money mustache so I ended up writing some articles about how to save money to stack sats.  The problem with that shit is that i am not the minimalists, although I am a minimalist.  I am also not Mr. Money Mustache.  I’m not retired and that dude is a fucking no coiner anyway.   I also wanted to create an online store like Mr. Hodl.  I still want to do that, but I have run into a couple problems.  The first problem is, I’m not sure what to sell.  I have had a couple ideas, but they seem kind of silly.  I have considered selling bitcoin blockchain birthday cards, hats, t-shirts, bury kits, a weekly bitcoin poker meetup on SWC, and other random bullshit, but I never really liked any of those product ideas very much. I was also never able to get BTCPay server up and running and I couldn’t see paying $10.00 a month for LunaNode when I don’t even have a product. 

Since no one really read my blog, I decided to try writing articles on That was cool because it was actually cheaper to spend a few sats on the site then it was to pay the annual subscription for the blog. I also was able to recoup some of those costs because people paid to see the entire article. I never made a profit, but it was an awesome experience. Adam Back even retweeted one of my articles an quoted a couple of the lines. It was unbelievable.

Then, My Node broke along with my dreams of lightning powered self-sovereignty. I have tried to get it up and running again, and I really liked the product because it has so many cool features, but it’s been down since May 5th. It’s time for me to figure something else out. I need to run another node and I think it is a good idea to have a couple of nodes.

It occurred to me that personal finance is not really what interests Bitcoiners. Of course, most Bitcoiners are frugal. That’s just what naturally happens when NGU(Number GO Up. i don’t think I need to write about ways to save more money.

I’m obviously still frugal. For example, I don’t watch much TV, but my wife will let me know when she my favorite show, Extreme Cheapskates, while fchannel surfing. if it were up to me, I would cancel cable and stack sats with the money instead, but marriage is about compromise. Divorce is extremely expensive, so you might want to spend a little bit of money on chairs, a dining room table, and a couch. After all, Mr. No-Coiner Money Mustache also got divorced. It’s important to have balance, but I digress. i love learning new ways to save money, but I wish we would learn more about what these cheapskates did with their money. Imagine dumpster diving for dinner, refilling ketchup bottles with little packets from McDonald’s, using rags for toilet paper, and living under a bridge to earn 0.01% in your savings account. The struggle is real, but the real struggle is not pinching the pennies; the real struggle is preserving your purchasing power.

We believe that scarcity is money printer protection. I like the stock to flow model. It’s an interesting idea. 1 divided by some numbers gives you a number that we can maybe use as a divining rod. I hope Plan B is right, and I tend to think that the number will go up to 100 Trillion myself, but that is out of the realm of my expertise. Bitcoin has taught me about a lot of different things however. This rabbit hole has lead me to learn Linux, Bash, Python, PGP, how to verify software, Computer Networking, cryptography, and how to cook a steak so perfect that it will give you a hard on.

I may not be a quant, but I have had arguments with quants about bitcoin on Twitter. I’m just a normal, well relatively normal. Let’s face it, the Bitcoiners are all wierdos, but I have a normie wife that has never sent a Satoshi and I got a Bitcoin Piggy for my 11 year old. I do not come from a technical background. I have ran a node and I have broken a node. I am not an expert. I can not give any specific advice. I can only document my journey.

In 1995, my high school economics teacher taught me about fractional reserve banking and I thought it was complete fuckery. I couldn’t understand how no one else in class was seething after learning this fact. I didn’t really do much about it. I got into Ayn Rand and the libertarian movement. I went to a few couple of Occupy Wallstreet protests, but decided it wasn’t worth my time after meeting a few communists.

Then, in 2014, I found and read Economics in One Lesson. I also heard about Bitcoin on the Joe Rogan Experience. I started asking people if they had ever heard of it and virtually no one ever did besides my Brother in law who said some people came to his work one day asking if they could use his electricity to mine it. He passed because he thought it was a scam. So I set up a wallet with Coinbase, posted a screenshot of the wallet QR code, and begged for #bitcoin on Twitter like a bum begs for beer change.

I have since changed my screen name
The good ol’ days when sats were so cheap we said mBTC

To my surprise, @sovereignmonkey replied to me using the now defunct @ChangeTip tool. He said buy yourself a cup of coffee and I was now the proud owner of $1.50 worth of bitcoin. ($26.50 at the time of this writing, in case you were wondering) I signed up for change tip and I got a Blockchain wallet because I could take control of my own keys. I would not recommended the wallet now, but it was great before the bcash fork and back then it was one of the only games in town. I didn’t even buy any bitcoin for six months after that, but I spent a lot of time looking at the price and researching the technology as much as I could. I watched a lot of Andreas videos and read the only two books on bitcoin I could find: Digital Gold and The Age of Cryptocurrency. I started learning more and more about it. I read more Austrian Economics. I searched for more bitcoin podcasts. I could only find a couple EconTalks about the subject. There was not yet the Plethora of Bitcoin Podcasts that exist today.

For the record, I am not rich. I would be if I went all all in in 2014, but that is hardly the case. I have long been a Dollar Cost Averaging Sat Stacker. I also got a little lucky on a little bit of Ethereum and a very unlucky on a lot of shitcoins back in 2017, before I became a bitcoin maximalist.

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