Bag of Bip 39 raffle tickets
Create your own bitcoin wallet using randomness you create.

2048 BIP 39 words cut to order. I am selling these for 100,000 sats. You should enter the words into to calculate the last word over TAILS. I will donate 10,000 sats to TAILS and 10,000 sats to on every order.

To order please use Tor to visit: 5ta7kag5znwv7d3ceyte4y74i2oha4ry6y453fl4hd5avlsihwdc7wyd.onion/apps/254A14Xnvvm97KfmsXBUpde8Nezm/pos

Why is it TOR and istead of clearnet? I feel that if I am going to take the time to cut out 2048 individual words, you should create your wallet correctly. I will create some videos on how to do this within a few weeks, but you want to use TAILS, without a persistence folder, offline. I suggest using the on screen keyboard in case your hardware is compromised with key-logging software. If you’re really paranoid, you might even want to destroy the USB stick when you’re done.

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